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Release of Liability Waivers

All participants must read and submit this Release of Liability Waiver form and prior to participating in any event activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation (Deposit Required)

To reserve our services, 50% deposit is required for each item when you book our services.

A valid credit card or debit card is required to book your reservation.

Balance Payment Due 7 Days Before Event

The balance payment is due 7 days before the event date.

[Note: If you are scheduling an event less than 1 week in advance, GameNextDoor will require full payment for the cost of the event upon booking]

Payment Methods

We accept the following modes of payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard.

Required Parking Space for Game Truck

We require at least 50 feet plateau of fairly level ground for parking, plus some room to pull in and out. The game truck usually fit nicely in front of most homes and it is always good to check with your neighbours to give us a little extra room.

Although our drivers are skilled, we prefer to pull straight into the allotted space as parallel parking a trailer requires a wide turning angle and is just not realistic. If your street is narrow, we might not be able to have enough room to turn around so do give us us a heads up beforehand if road is narrow.

Bad Weather (Event Day)

In the event of severe weather (hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning, very high winds, flooding and/or extremely heavy rains), GameNextDoor may (and reserve the right to) reschedule your event to guarantee the safety of the gamers and your guests.

Maximum of Gamers

The mobile video game trailer can sit 16 gamers comfortably inside and 8 gamers outside. We are able to accommodate 24 gamers and have them participate simultaneously (depending on the game) – thereby providing a competitive social gaming experience for the gamers.

Types of Games - Available Options

Games (Indoor / Outdoor) include:

  • Virtual reality games
  • Video games
  • Remote control cars
  • Jumbo kinect
  • Bean bag toss
  • Archery
  • Laser tag
  • Oculus quest.

We offer a comprehensive catalog of VR, Video and Oculus quest games. GameNextDoor thrive to provide gamers with a great social gaming experience – most of our games are multiplayer.

Types of Games (Kids) - Concern

If you have concerns about the type of games available for kids, please inform the Game Coach upon arrival and he/she will make sure that the gaming is appropriate. Otherwise, our Game Coach will follow the lead of the guest(s) of honor and make sure they are having the time of their lives!

Electric Scooters - Common Questions


Electric scooters are reasonably safe, or at least as safe as the rider tries to be. As long as you follow these important safety tips, you will be perfectly safe:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Respect your local traffic laws
  • Wear all the safety gear you have
  • Don’t drink or do drugs before riding
  • Never ride too fast
  • Turn carefully
  • Check that your tires are sufficiently inflated and in good shape
  • Make sure all your brake systems work
  • Make sure you have enough battery to get where you need to go
  • Stay focused on your ride

Local Rules and Regulations

  • Avoid pedestrian areas
  • Check for vehicle before riding
  • Follow local traffic rules
  • Avoid distractions whilst riding such as using headphones or listening to music
  • Exercise caution. Particularly while riding downhill and avoid potholes
  • Ride at your own risk

This is the simplest explanation possible about how every electric scooter works.
Every electric scooter will have the following components:

  • Throttle button or lever
  • Battery
  • Motor
  • When you hit the throttle, the motor draws power from the battery and starts turning the wheels.


Gamenextdoor control the speed and modify it depending on the user’s expertise.

  • Kids scooter speed limit is from 07-10 MPH
  • Adults Scooter speed limit is from 15-18 MPH

Electric scooters are very easy to ride. Learning how to ride them only takes a few minutes.

Using the throttle

  • Ensure the throttle springs back after you press and release
  • The vehicle needs to be moving for the throttle to engage the motor

Using the kickstand

  • Sweep up the kickstand with your foot before riding
  • Put the kickstand down when packing

Getting moving

  • Place one foot on the vehicle’s floorboard
  • Push off the ground with your other foot pressing the throttle

Check if your location is valid for our services.

Text us at (561) 365-8906‬ to see if we service your area.
Anything outside zip code will incur travel fee at check out.

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