Do you have the need for speed?

There are loads of racing video games on the market, but what if they just don’t do it for you anymore? You can’t always afford to pick up and go to the go-kart track every time you want to put the pedal to the metal and feel the wind in your hair. And it’s certainly not a good idea to exceed the speed limit in your car, but what other options do you have if you need a little more excitement in your life?

RC cars can be the perfect solution to take your desire for racing safely to the next level. RC, which stands for remote-controlled, cars are a fun way to take a racing video game into real life. There are even special clubs and tracks where you can take your RC car and compete against other enthusiasts.

However, this pastime can be surprisingly cost prohibitive to dabble in, especially if you are just starting off. And who can tell if you’re going to truly like it and want to make the investment into a nice RC car?

Don’t throw your money away without the opportunity to try your hand at controlling an RC car first. Game Next Door can help! Two of our party packages come with RC car, meaning that the people in your family and friend group who want to try their hand at RC car racing now have the chance to do just that.

We bring everything you need to enjoy yourself to wherever you are. That can be the backyard of your house, an events center, or anywhere else you can think of. All you have to bring is yourself and your friends and family to the party. We take care of all the entertainment you could ever need or want — including RC cars. In one package, we bring two RC cars to the table so you can race head to head with your best friend. In another package, three RC cars are coming to the party. You can race them or simply enjoy the feel of control in the palm of your hand. Watching these RC cars zoom around your space is a tactile way to enjoy racing — without investing in pricey gear and components. 

Even if you have never even laid eyes on a real RC car in person, you can still enjoy your first time around one. Our party packages also come with game coaches. Our coaches are well versed in all of the entertainment options we provide, meaning they can explain the rules, offer tips and tricks to mastering a game or toy, and ensure everyone is having the most fun possible. After a quick tutorial, you’ll be off to the races in no time flat, having the time of your life while racing with RC cars.

Book Game Next Door for your next event. We’ll burn rubber getting there, making it happen, and guaranteeing that your event will be the best entertainment possible.

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