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Kids are enjoying the game

Think about the possibilities of putting on a headset and finding yourself surrounded by imagery, sounds and experiences.

Video game banner Image

Not enough controllers to accommodate your friends? Not to worry. We bring everything you need to throw the best gaming party ever.

Remote car Control Cars

There are loads of racing video games on the market, but what if they just don’t do it for you anymore?

Jumbo Kinect games

With disks the size of your hands, the stakes are even bigger when you play. It is much more immersive and fun for participants.

Bean Bag Toss

Since the rules are simple and the technique is something anyone can catch on to, even children can get the hang of bean bag toss and enjoy themselves while playing.

Archery College

Our archery set is perfect for all ages and safe around children and pets. You don’t even have to have any archery experience whatsoever to have fun with this activity.

Laser Tag college image

Laser tag is best enjoyed in a large group of people. Even if you have never played laser tag before — and why in the world not?

A soldier is shooting

All you have to do is slip on the head gear, hold on to the handheld controllers, and prepare to be blown away with a new experience unlike any you have ever known.

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