No activity that can really rival the heart-pumping adrenaline rush – Laser Tag

Laser tag is best enjoyed in a large group of people.

Even if you have never played laser tag before — and why in the world not? — the premise is simple enough for anyone to understand. No matter what the size of the group is, the participants are split into two groups of roughly the same size.

Everyone receives a harness to wear over their chests and backs — this is how hits are received and tracked. The second piece of equipment you need is the laser gun. This gaming equipment emits sounds and lights to create the “laser” effect. Pointing it in the direction of a corresponding harness and squeezing the trigger logs a point for you — and against the opposing team.

For a set amount of time, you are responsible for logging as many points for your team as possible. Dodging and constantly changing your position helps give your team the advantage. You want to target as many people as much as possible — all while presenting as challenging a target as possible yourself. Once time is up, everyone goes outside to check out the scores. One team is on the winning side. There are also often individual awards for the participant who hit the most targets — and even for individuals who themselves were targeted the least.

Game Next Door has broken laser tag free from the confines of the public places you have been used to seeing it and participating in it. We can bring all the equipment you need for a fun afternoon or evening of laser tag with your best friends. Think about how awesome a birthday party in your backyard would be with a large-scale outdoor game of laser tag. It would be the event that people talked about for months to come. Laser tag has all the hallmarks of a fun first-person shooter game tournament — with the added benefits that you are trying to strategise in real life, running and dodging around.


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