Imagine just how much fun this game would be outside the sun – especially when we have increased the size perhaps ten times!

You have almost certainly played the popular tabletop game Connect 4. The premise requires some amount of strategy, but it is simple enough for anyone to play. Two players face off on either side of the yellow grid, which stands vertically in the air. One player has a group of red disks, and the other player has a group of black disks. Taking turns, the players slip their respective disks into the grid. The object of the game? You might have already guessed it — even if you have never played before. The winning player is the one who lines up — vertically, horizontally or diagonally — four disks of their color. After the win, a tab is pulled, sending all of the disks crashing to the table so you can play again.

Our version of this nostalgic game is called Jumbo Kinect 4, and it is always a party pleaser for players of all ages. With disks the size of your hands, the stakes are even bigger when you play. It is much more immersive and fun for participants. And everyone will celebrate after a win and the disks go tumbling to the ground. Jumbo Kinect 4 is a game designed to make an entrance and entertain guests for hours.

 Jumbo Kinect 4 is the perfect way to encourage your guests to get up and have fun no matter what the occasion might be. Whether you’re in charge of hosting a child’s birthday party or it’s your turn to provide the venue for your entire family reunion, you don’t want to be without opportunities for entertainment. It can be a challenge to make sure that everyone feels like they are a part of an event, especially when there are many age groups present.

Thankfully, Jumbo Kinect 4 offers endless entertainment for the smallest child to the oldest adult. With tournament opportunities and the chance to tailor the rules for exciting variation, this game will probably be the most popular part of your party.

Instead of investing in such a thing and having to haul it out and put it away every time, put your trust in Game Next Door. We will keep everything stored and organized until you need it. Then, we are the ones responsible for getting it out and setting it up. You don’t have to worry about a thing. All of our party and game packages — including those that include Jumbo Kinect 4 — also include game coaches. We keep everyone engaged so the party keeps going with minimal effort on your part. That way, adults can enjoy catching up with one another while children stay busy playing with all the games we have to offer. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling like a kid again playing Jumbo Kinect 4 with your friends and loved ones. That is what we are here for!

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