Do you know how powerful an entertainment opportunity Oculus Quest offers?

Virtual reality — or VR, for short — is the future of learning, connecting and, perhaps most importantly, gaming. We now have the technology to fully immerse ourselves in scenarios that we previously hardly could have even imagined. VR is opening the doors to many different things. That includes learning and training for professionals — and connecting and communicating in new, closer ways in an increasingly remote world. It also includes entertainment options like never before.

Think about the possibilities of putting on a headset and finding yourself surrounded by imagery, sounds and experiences. You know what it feels like to get lost in a good book — or even an excellent video game that has you always pushing yourself to achieve new goals or defeat new bosses. In VR, you are a part of the game world. The outside world melts away, and you can explore and experience things you might have trouble imagining without ever having done something like this before. The virtual world becomes your new reality. It is a fantastic way to decompress from the pressures of the real world and truly enjoy yourself in whatever adventure you choose to pursue.

Game Next Door is proud to offer our clients more than 20 VR gaming titles to choose from. Even if you have never experienced a VR game before, you can explore practically endless options to find the title you prefer. Since we have a wide range of games and genres, any gamer with a wide range of interests will enjoy experimenting with our titles.

Get into the ring with StarBlood Arena, combatting attacks in every direction. Soar to brand new heights in Eagle Flight as you explore the city of Paris as it would look after nature reclaims what man once made. Race to the finish line against friends and family members in VR Karts. There is a game for every interest. You might just surprise yourself for developing an interest in something you never expected — like golf, wrestling, solving puzzles or becoming a superhero tasked with saving the city (or world).

One reason many people never get to experience VR gaming is because it can be cost prohibitive. The headset alone can mean that you have to budget and wait to experience games. Instead of exploring the latest and best way to game, people might fall back on their old gaming systems — and never experience the wonder VR gaming has to offer.

Game Next Door is here with a solution. Our reasonable packages offer the opportunity for you and your loved ones to experience VR gaming — perhaps for the first time ever. We bring everything you need to immerse yourself in the game of your choice. That includes the headsets, mint condition titles and instruction in how to make the most of your experience with VR gaming. You don’t have to figure it out on your own, losing out on the time when you could be enjoying yourself. We will be there to help you every step of the way until you become a pro in your own right at VR games. 

we all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.
~michael crichton


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