Do you know how powerful an entertainment opportunity Oculus Quest offers?

What do you know about the Oculus Quest? Maybe you’ve heard the name and never realised what it meant. Or maybe you’re completely unfamiliar with what this device and system have to offer. Either way, Game Next Door is here to help you understand just how powerful of an entertainment opportunity Oculus Quest offers. So what’s keeping you from experiencing this cutting-edge entertainment system? It can be pricey to own. That’s why Game Next Door offers the Oculus Quest experience in our full package.

All you have to do is slip on the head gear, hold on to the handheld controllers, and prepare to be blown away with a new experience unlike any you have ever known.

Using the Oculus Quest is simple and powerful in that simplicity. 

You can completely lose yourself in a new reality with the Oculus Quest. You will be immersed in a virtual reality setting, surrounded by sights and sounds designed to delight, entertain and challenge the user. Virtual reality games have been designed specifically for this program, meaning there will be seamless transitions and opportunities to explore.

Games range among all interests, including sports, outdoors activities, adventures, quests, fighting, and much more. 

We believe everyone deserves to experience awesome entertainment options. That is why we have invested in the Oculus Quest — so clients like you can have access to the very best. There is no equal to the Oculus Quest when it comes to virtual reality gaming and entertainment. You will be blown away by the choices.

Some examples of recent games include first person shooters, adventure quests in the Star Trek universe, zombie adventures, and a number of exercise and sport games. It doesn’t matter what you are interested in. You can rest assured that the Oculus Quest system has the perfect game available for you.

If you have an Oculus Quest available for guests at your next party or event, you can be sure that they will be rightfully impressed! This is an incredible system, and not many people have experienced it. You will enjoy watching people experience the wonder of a different world nearly as much as you enjoy your own gaming experience with the Oculus Quest. Nervous about playing with such an advanced system? Don’t be. This particular package also includes four professional Game Next Door game coaches. Our coaches understand the ins and outs of all of our games, equipment, toys and more. They will explain everything you need to know and do prior to attempting the Oculus Quest. That means you can skip the tutorial and leap right in to an experience you’ll remember for a long time.

NO WIRES. NO LIMITS. Oculus Quest is our all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. Play almost anywhere with just a vr headset and controllers.


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